German Gnocchi: Schupfnudeln and Sauerkraut

Yum. Paired with Hamptons Brine this would be a fantastic, probiotic rich meal.


I have been dying to share this recipe with all those gnocchi enthusiasts whose posts have been cheering me up over these cold winter months: here’s the German version of these delicious potato dumplings, which is traditionally served with Sauerkraut. What else. It’s been cold and miserable here in Old Blighty, The strong winds have calmed down now, but that means an end to blue skies – instead we are being treated to some rather uninspiring fog. I had made a lovely dessert to bring over to Angie’s at The Novice Gardener today, but the lack of light made the photographs look so unappealing that I decided to embrace the sheer miserableness of the weather and go for comfort food, These potato dumpling are made and eaten all over southern Germany, you’ll find them in restaurants as well as in Christmas markets and beer festivals. In my region they are…

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