Day 17 – Fermented foods

Daily ablutions

Building good gut bacteria comes from supplementing your diet with good quality probiotics. Probiotics take up space in your intestines so bad bacteria have less holding ground. They also help digest food properly, promote a balanced immune system, produce some needed vitamins and most importantly, contribute to a healthy (not leaky) intestinal lining. Probiotics signifies “for life”, indeed, without good bacteria in our intestines, we could not survive.

When a baby is born, the intestinal tract is sterile. Passing through the vaginal canal during birth is when babies are first colonized with healthy flora. Breastfeeding completes the process by providing beneficial bacterial flora on a daily basis, many times per day. You can imagine how babies that are born by Caesarean section and who are not breastfed begin life with a flora disadvantage.

A good quality probiotic formula taken on a regular basis helps keep our flora at an optimal…

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